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Wilshire Self-Improvement Library – Self-Help & Motivational
Charisma Daily Power for Joyful Living The Dragon Slayer with a Heavy Heart Dynamic Thinking Grow Rich While You Sleep
Grow Rich With Your Million Dollar Mind Growth Through Reason A Guide to Personal Happiness A Guide to Rational Living Handwriting Analysis Made Easy
Handwriting Tells How to Attract Good Luck How to Develop a Winning Personality How to Develop an Exceptional Memory How to Succeed
How to Live with a Neurotic The Knight in Rusty Armor The Law of Success The Magic in Your Mind The Magic of Getting What You Want
The Magic of Thinking Success Never Underestimate the Selling Power of a Woman The Princess Who Believed in Fairy Tales Think and Grow Rich Psycho-Cybernetics
Sales Cybernetics The Secret of Overcoming Verbal Abuse Self-Therapy for the Stutterer Three Magic Words Think Like a Winner!
A Treasury of Comfort A Treasury of the Art of Living
Charisma—How To Get "That Special Magic"....Marcia Grad 10.00
Daily Power For Joyful Living....Dr. Donald Curtis 7.00
The Dragon Slayer With A Heavy Heart....Marcia Powers 15.00
Dynamic Thinking....Melvin Powers 7.00
Grow Rich While You Sleep....Ben Sweetland 10.00
Grow Rich With Your Million Dollar Mind....Brian Adams 10.00
Growth Through Reason....Albert Ellis, Ph.D. 10.00
Guide To Personal Happiness....Albert Ellis, Ph.D. & Irving Becker, Ed.D. 12.00
Guide To Rational Living....Albert Ellis, Ph.D. & R. Harper, Ph.D. 15.00
Handwriting Analysis Made Easy....John Marley 10.00
Handwriting Tells....Nadya Olyanova 10.00
How To Attract Good Luck....A.H.Z. Carr 10.00
How To Develop A Winning Personality....Martin Panzer 10.00
How To Develop An Exceptional Memory....Morris Young, M.D. & Walter Gibson 10.00
How To Live With A Neurotic....Albert Ellis, Ph.D. 10.00
How To Succeed....Brian Adams 10.00
The Knight In Rusty Armor....Robert Fisher 9.00
Knights Without Armor....Aaron R. Kipnis, Ph. D 10.00
Law of Success In 16 Lessons (Two-volume set)....Napoleon Hill 30.00
Magic In Your Mind....U. S. Andersen 15.00
Magic Of Getting What You Want....Dr. David J. Schwartz 15.00
Magic Of Thinking Success....Dr. David J. Schwartz 15.00
Never Underestimate The Selling Power Of A Woman....Dottie Walters 7.00
The Princess Who Believed In Fairy Tales....Marcia Grad 15.00
Psycho-Cybernetics....Maxwell Maltz, M.D. 15.00
Sales Cybernetics....Brian Adams 10.00
The Secret Of Overcoming Verbal Abuse...Albert Ellis, Ph.D., Marcia Grad Powers 15.00
Self-Therapy For The Stutterer....Malcolm Frazer 1.00
Think And Grow Rich....Napoleon Hill 15.00
Think Like A Winner....Walter Doyle Staples, Ph.D. 15.00
Three Magic Words....U. S. Andersen 15.00
Treasury Of Comfort....Edited by Rabbi Sidney Greenberg 15.00
Treasury Of The Art Of Living....Edited by Rabbi Sidney Greenberg 10.00

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