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Wilshire Horse Lovers' Library
arabian horse The American Quarter Horse in Pictures The Arabian Horse
The Art of Western Riding Basic Dressage Beginner's Guide To Horseback Riding Bits–Their History, Use And Misuse
Breaking Your Horse's Bad Habits Horse and Rider Disorders of the Horse Dressage
Drive On Equitation First Aid for Horses Fun on Horseback
A Guide to Driving Horses The Horse Owner's Concise Guide Horse Selection and Care for Beginners Ride Western
Horseback Riding Made Easy and Fun Horses How To Cure Behavior Problems In Horses The Hunter
Illustrated Book of the Horse Illustrated Horseback Riding For Beginners Know All About Horses The Lame Horse
Police Horses A Pratical Guide to Horseshoeing Practical Horse Psychology The Problem Horse
Reinsman Of The West–Bridles & Bits Ride Western Schooling your Young Horse Stable Management
Understanding Horses You & Your Pony Your Pony Book
American Quarter Horse in Pictures....Margaret Cabel Self 5.00
Art Of Western Riding....Suzanne Norton Jones 10.00
Basic Dressage....Jean Froissard 7.00
Beginner's Guide To Horseback Riding....Sheila Wall 5.00
Bits–Their History, Use And Misuse....Louis Taylor 10.00
Breaking & Training The Driving Horse....Doris L. Ganton (8 1/2 X 11) 12.00
90 Minute Videotape:
Breaking & Training The Driving Horse....Doris L. Ganton
Breaking Your Horse's Bad Habits....W. Dayton Sumner 12.00
Complete Training Of Horse And Rider....Colonel Alois Podhajsky 15.00
Disorders Of The Horse & What To Do About Them....Elsie Hanauer 5.00
Dressage–A Study Of The Finer Points In Riding...Henry Wynmalen 15.00
Drive On....Doris L. Ganton 15.00
Equitation....Jean Froissard 7.00
First Aid For Horses....Dr. Charles H. Denning, Jr. 7.00
Fun On Horseback....Margaret Cabell Self 4.00
Guide to Driving Horses....Sallie Walrond 7.00
Horse Owner's Concise Guide....Elsie V. Hanauer 7.00
Horse Selection & Care For Beginners....Dr. George H. Conn 10.00
Horseback Riding For Beginners....Louis Taylor 10.00
Horseback Riding Made Easy & Fun....Sue Henderson Coen 10.00
Horses–Their Selection, Care & Handling....Margaret Cabell Self 5.00
How To Cure Behavior Problems In Horses....Susan McBane 15.00
Hunter In Pictures....Margaret Cabell Self 2.00
Illustrated Book Of The Horse....S. Sidney (8 1/2 X 11) 10.00
Illustrated Horseback Riding For Beginners....Jeanne Mellin 7.00
Know All About Horses....Harry Disston 5.00
Lame Horse–Causes, Symptoms & Treatment....Dr. James R. Rooney 15.00
Police Horses....Judith Campbell 2.00
Practical Guide To Horseshoeing 10.00
Practical Horse Psychology....Moyra Williams 10.00
Problem Horse–Curing Serious Behavior Habits....Reginald S. Summerhays 5.00
Reinsman Of The West–Bridles & Bits....Ed Connell 12.00
Ride Western....Louis Taylor 7.00
Schooling Your Young Horse....George Wheatley 7.00
Stable Management For The Owner–Groom....George Wheatley 7.00
Understanding Horses....Garda Langley 15.00
You And Your Pony....Pepper Mainwaring Healey (8 1/2 X 11) 6.00
Your Pony Book....Hermann Wiederhold 2.00

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Breaking and Training the Driving Horse
Breaking and Training the Driving Horse (above) available as a book and a videotape.