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Charisma – How To Get "That Special Magic"
by Marcia Grad
Charisma – How To Get "That Special Magic"
How to Develop
the Power to Attract and
Influence People

Can you really get "that special magic?" Emphatically, "Yes!" says Marcia Grad, author of Charisma. And she has impressive research, clinical evidence, years of experience, and common sense bolstering her claim. She is a well-known image consultant who conducts workshops and lectures at seminars on the subject of charisma and how to get it. Marcia has turned numerous shy, introverted, and unpopular adults into magnetic personalities. How this magic is accomplished is the main subject of this book.

Her message is dazzlingly clear: Charisma is neither an accident of genes, nor is it luck. The potential for charisma is our birthright — a natural gift given to each of us. But if this is the case, why do so few people seem to possess it? Because most often it lies quietly dormant deep within the individual — held down, undeveloped, and hidden from view.

Until now, we have found it difficult to explain what charisma is and why some people seem to have it in abundance while the majority of others seem to have little or none at all. And we have been curious about how some people have charisma as a children, then lose it, while others first get it later in life. And what about those who have it only at certain times — when at work, for example, but not in social situations, or, as in the case with many entertainers, when on stage but not when off?

This book first unravels these mysteries and then teaches us how to awaken the charismatic force within us, how to enhance its power, and how to sustain its magic. Development of our potential for charisma is a skill, we are told — a skill we can study, practice, master, and absorb as a part of ourselves. Anyone can do it and many individuals already have, simply by following Marcia Grad's highly effective, step-by-step Charisma Development Program.

What is this program that can help a shy person to become confident, an apathetic person to become enthusiastic, a dull person to become exciting, and everyone to have command of his or her own innate magnetism? The author uses a multidimensional approach. She explores the many pieces of the charisma puzzle, each essential to its solution — thoughts, attitudes, perceptions, social behavior, sexuality, physical presentation, and personal habits. We are urged to probe, to question, and to change longtime beliefs about ourselves, about others, and about the world that may be blocking the flow of our natural charisma. Then we are ready to start cultivating habits basic to building "that special magic." You will gain some surprising insights into how you behave in your daily life, and will be given specific techniques which will help to make charismatic feelings, behaviors, and qualities become second nature to you. Once mastered, these techniques work automatically, on a subconscious level. They become an integral part of your total being.

This book reflects the personal flair of its author whose enthusiasm and conviction that people can and do change have served as an inspiration to her many students and clients. The same expert guidance and continuous encouragement that have been invaluable to them are now available to you, the reader.

You needn't become reconciled to remaining as you are. You can be as you've always wished to be — self-assured, in control in social and business situations, energetic, and stimulating to others. You can be noticed, be liked, and be sought after. You can meet the people you want to meet and bring them into your life. You can become involved in relationships you previously thought were beyond you, and you will be able to reach for business opportunities never before within your grasp.

If you've previously believed that only a select few individuals are capable of powerful personal magnetism and that, unluckily, you are not one of them, you can embark upon a unique and eye-opening journey. It's exhilarating just to imagine what is waiting for you — achievement of all those goals and aspirations you once thought impossible. This is your chance for a new beginning, for a new and better you, for a new and better life.

(This title is also available in a Spanish edition book as Carisma – Cómo Lograr Esa Magia Especial.)

Charisma – How To Get "That Special Magic"
304 pages....$10.00

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