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The Dragon Slayer with a Heavy Heart
A Powerful Story About Finding Happiness and Serenity . . .
Even When You Really, REALLY Wish Some Things Were Different
by Marcia Powers
The Dragon Slayer with a Heavy Heart
We take great pleasure in announcing the publication of a new book by the bestselling author of The Princess Who Believed in Fairy Tales, Charisma, and The Secret of Overcoming Verbal Abuse.

The Dragon Slayer
with a Heavy Heart
Treat Yourself to This Fun, Inspirational Book and Discover How to Find Happiness and Serenity . . . No Matter What Life Dishes Out
This book promises to be one of the most important you will ever read—and one of the most entertaining, uplifting, and memorable.

It brings the Serenity Prayer—which for years has been the guiding light of 12-step programs worldwide—to everyone . . . and teaches both new and longtime devotees how to apply it most effectively to their lives.

Sometimes things happen we wish hadn't. Sometimes things don't happen we wish would. In the course of living, problems arise, both big and small. We might wish our past had been different or that we could be different. We struggle through disappointments and frustrations, losses and other painful experiences.

As hard as we may try to be strong, to have a good attitude, not to let things get us down, we don't always succeed. We get upset. We worry. We feel stressed. We get depressed. We get angry. We do the best we can and wait for things to get better so we can feel better. In the meantime, our hearts may grow heavy . . . perhaps very heavy.

That's what happened to Duke the Dragon Slayer. In fact, his heart grew so heavy with all that was wrong, with all that was not the way it should be, with all that was unfair, that he became desperate to lighten it—and set forth on the Path of Serenity to find out how.

Accompany Duke on this life-changing adventure. His guides will be your guides. His answers will be your answers. His tools will be your tools. His success will be your success. And by the time he is heading home, both Duke and you will know how to take life's inevitable lumps and bumps in stride—and find happiness and serenity anytime . . . even when you really, REALLY wish some things were different.

– Albert Ellis, Ph.D.
President, Albert Ellis Institute
Author of A Guide to Rational Living

This title is also available in a Spanish edition book as Matadragones Que Tenía El Corazón Pesaroso.

This title is also available in other foreign editions: Complex Chinese, Croatian, French, Hebrew and Korean.

The Dragon Slayer with a Heavy Heart
192 Pages....$15.00
Available wherever books are sold or from the publisher. Send $15.00 (CA res. $16.39) plus $4.00 per book S/H ($20.00 per book for airmail outside USA) to:
Wilshire Book Company, 9731 Variel Avenue, Chatsworth, CA  91311-4315.
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