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Dear Entrepreneur:

Imagine what your life would be today if you had been paid $1.00, $.50, or even $.25 for each of the 40-million dollars worth of Ginsu knives sold on television or for every "top tunes" record album sold for years on those familiar commercials that roll hit song titles on the screen while playing a few bars of each.

If only you had known the secret...these product sales could have made you wealthy-without your having been responsible for producing the shows, getting them on the air, fulfilling orders, and without it having cost you one cent.

This secret can make you rich. Does making a fortune on television product sales seem like the impossible dream? A dream, maybe, but certainly possible. People are doing it every day-with no experience and no investment. And so can you. Here's how.

Get your slice of the TV money pie. The growing popularity of cable television has made TV marketing the hottest money-making opportunity in recent times.

Likely you have heard or read about or seen advertisements on cable stations that are raking in the money as fast as it can be counted. The airways are alive with powerful one and two minute spots and innovative half-hour and one hour long-format commercials that inform and entertain as they sell. What does all this have to do with you? Read on.

You can cash in on the Melvin Powers Midas Touch. I've made BIG MONEY in mail order and I plan to make even BIGGER MONEY in television marketing. I need people to help me find desirable products. Just think about all the items yet to be advertised-items that can mean FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE for some individuals...why not for you? You are as likely as anyone to find a winning product. When you have found that winner, your part of the job ends and mine begins. I will put my time, effort, and expertise into making your product a hit. As a Melvin Powers product agent, you will be paid a royalty on each sale. What could be better? You'll be making money even while you sleep.

The treasure hunt that pays and pays. Products that sell best fill a common need or desire and are of benefit to a broad spectrum of the public. They can be demonstrated easily and interestingly and have impulse appeal. They offer a four times mark-up above the manufacture price and still represent good value to the customer. These items have unique features that set them apart from, and make them more desirable than, similar ones that are readily available. (What made an ordinary knife, mixer, and wok, TV cash register bonanzas? They were made to appear extraordinary by the magic of creative commercials.

Kitchen gadgets like the V-slicer, small appliances such as the vacuum-pack food sealer, closet organizers, small exercise equipment like the Gut Buster, and automotive care items are all examples of excellent TV products. Items that have proven successful in print often do extremely well on TV.

It's easy to get started! Begin to consider every product you see or hear about as a possible TV money-maker, and measure each against the criteria above. Think about products made and/or sold by your business, the company you work for, your friends businesses, or those that you frequent. Look for items being demonstrated at trade shows, county fairs, and swap meets. When you find a product you believe would be strong on TV, find out the name of it and the manufacturer's name, address, and telephone number. If the demonstrator would be effective on TV, get his or her name, address, and telephone number, as well.

Highly successful long-format commercials have sold written information and cassette tape courses on a variety of topics, ranging from real estate investing and developing self-confidence to improving one's study habits and losing weight. The best resources for finding courses that may make it on TV are business opportunity and self-improvement lectures and conventions. As with products, business opportunity and self-improvement programs should fill a common need, have wide appeal, and appear exciting, practical, and credible. In addition, the spokesperson or instructor must make a strong positive impression that would come across on TV. If you find such a program, get the name of the program and the name, address, and telephone number of the person presenting it.

How do you build a network of people to find products for you? Tell everyone you know that you are a TV product agent. Explain what you are searching for and offer to pay a royalty on any item or program they find that is accepted for sale on TV. You bring the item to me and split the royalty with the person who brought the product to you. This technique will greatly increase your exposure to potentially hot products.

You've found the perfect product...Now what? You can get an immediate answer as to its TV marketability by calling me. Or, if you prefer, write to me describing the product or program and include any brochures you may have.

If I accept your product or program, I will send you a contract, produce the show, air it, fulfill the orders, and send you monthly royalty payments.

Start today to think like a television marketing entrepreneur. Remember, success begins with the belief that you can do it, setting your wheels in gear, and getting moving! Decide right now to reach out for this rare opportunity to MAKE BIG MONEY, FAST!


Melvin Powers, President, Wilshire Book Company
Phone: 818-700-1522 Fax: 818-800-1527

Or: E-mail Melvin Powers.

Think and Grow Rich
This Remarkable Book Helped Me Make Millions.
It Can Do the Same for You!
– Melvin Powers
Wilshire Books is pleased to be publishing the original, unabridged, classic edition of the world famous book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – just as he wrote it in 1937. It has been an international bestseller for many years, selling millions of copies in its various editions. Click here for more info. Also available in an Original Unabridged Audio 12 CD version.
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