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Breaking & Training the Driving Horse
A Detailed and Comprehensive Study
Second Edition Revised and Expanded
by Doris L. Ganton
Breaking & Training the Driving Horse
Many books have been written on the various aspects of riding and there appears to be an almost continuous flow of publications on the subject. As these are written for the most part by experts in their particular fields, the aspiring young rider has at his command an unlimited amount of information to help him in his training program. When it comes to the subject of Driving, however, the literary sources shrink to an unfortunate low – there are virtually no basic or detailed books to help the beginning driver. With the tremendous upswing in driving on this continent, the need for such a book has become increasingly evident.

The material for this book stems from the author's 30 years of experience with harness horses and from her notes developed in conjunction with the driving courses she has taught internationally.

This book is written with the training of a colt in mind, but the instructions can just as easily be followed to train an older animal or a saddle horse to drive. In the case of a saddle horse (depending on his previous training and existing knowledge) many steps can be speeded up or even omitted, but basically the steps remain the same.

Breaking & Training the Driving Horse
8 1/2 x 11, photographs and illustrations....$12.00

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