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Thought Dial
by Sydney Omarr
Thought Dial
"The value of the Thought Dial lies in the discovery – sooner or later – that all the answers to all the questions must come from within.
When one becomes truly aware of this ancient truth, one will learn to ask the right questions. The first thing to find out is – who is asking what? Second, are you prepared to accept the response provoked?"
– Henry Miller

When you want to know the correct time, you can dial a number on your telephone and get the right answer. In a way, the Thought Dial operates in somewhat the same manner.

You may have a question on your mind. It may be a very serious question. With the Thought Dial, you dial a number and zip comes the answer. To say the least, it is remarkable. It is almost as if you were telephoning some master of all wisdom within yourself. The Thought Dial is a means of bypassing the conscious and getting into the the same or a similar manner to that in which the conscious is bypassed in hypnotism.

You can use the Thought Dial as something that is entertaining, or you can take it more seriously. It will set you to thinking. And it will help you to learn more about your own mind. Try it out. See what it does for you.

Thought Dial
176 pages....$7.00

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