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Mail Order Made Easy
by J. Frank Brumbaugh
Mail Order Made Easy
Watching the giant companies becoming bigger and small businesses being absorbed or failing by the thousands every year might make you think the day of the independent entrepreneur is long past. But one field is open to the entrepreneur, a field in which he is welcom and can prosper. Here the existence of large corporations actually works to the advantage of the small-scale operator, the one-man business starting on a shoestring. That field is mail order merchandising.

In mail order anyone with a wanted product or service can compete successfully with the biggest of commercial firms. Competition is seldom as rough as it appears at first glance. In fact, the mail order operator actually benefits from the proliferation of mail order companies and their advertising, while experiencing little competition from them.

No other business combines such a reserve of preconditioned and receptive customers with such minimal sales competition. No other field offers more opportunity to set up with such a small amount of capital or space.

It takes very little money to launch a mail order business. It can be operated from the corner of a room, keeping overhead expenses to a minimum. Mail order is truly the field of golden opportunity and can provide a direct and easy road to better income, self-sufficiency, even prosperity.

Anyone who has an idea, a few dollars, a corner in which to work, and the ambition to go into a successful business of his or her own can make a good living. You can expand both your business and your income by following closely the methods described in Mail Order Made Easy.

Mail Order Made Easy
8 1/2 x 11, 214 pages, illustrations....$20.00
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